Saturday, November 13, 2010

Educated Idiot's

I went to my son's High School one day to pick him up early.....To my amazement, there were several retards in wheel chairs, helmet's on, drooling, crayon's in hand........READY FOR MATH CLASS!!!!!...After further investigation into this, I found out that there has to be a "handler" or qualified adult for each of these "student's"..Special bus's for transport so each of these "student's" can get an education...People, It's Not Rocket Science to know that all this is, is a free "Day Care" at mine and your tax payer expense to care for the unfortunate children, who's parents have seized the opportunity  to exploit their children for financial savings at our expense......I truly Care for children and I "Know" that it has to be extremely difficult to care for children with special needs..........But, DON'T PLAY THE SYSTEM and exploit your child for  "FREE DAY CARE"!!

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